Audiobook Review | After the Storm by Linda Castillo

after the storm
Title: After the Storm (Kate Burkholder, #7)
Author: Linda Castillo
Publish Date: July 14, 2015 by Minotaur Books and Macmillan Audio
# of Pages: 320
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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(From Goodreads) In this electrifying thriller by New York Times bestseller Linda Castillo, Kate Burkholder must uncover a family’s long-hidden past to solve a brutal murder

When a tornado tears through Painters Mill and unearths human remains, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder finds herself tasked with the responsibility of identifying the bones–and notifying the family. Evidence quickly emerges that the death was no accident and Kate finds herself plunged into a thirty year old case that takes her deep into the Amish community to which she once belonged.

Meanwhile, turmoil of an emotional and personal nature strikes at the very heart of Kate’s budding relationship with state agent John Tomasetti. A reality that strains their fragile new love to the breaking point and threatens the refuge they’ve built for themselves–and their future.

Under siege from an unknown assailant–and her own personal demons–Kate digs deep into the case only to discover proof of an unimaginable atrocity, a plethora of family secrets and the lengths to which people will go to protect their own.


Rating (1-5, 5 is exceptional)
Quality of Writing – 4
Pace – 3
Plot Development – 3
Ending – 3
Characters – 4
Enjoyability – 3
Voice Acting – 5

Overall Rating – ⭐⭐⭐


After the Storm by Linda Castillo is the 7th book in the Kate Burkholder series. After a tornado rips through the town of Painter’s Mill, human remains are discovered. Kate takes it upon herself to discover the identity of the bones, all while dealing with some rocky personal issues in her own life.

I enjoyed reading After the Storm, as I’ve enjoyed all of the Kate Burkholder books. That said, I didn’t find this book quite as compelling as some of the previous books in the series. The scenes with the tornado weren’t that exciting, and the murder mystery didn’t have me on the edge of my seat. Kate’s personal life was really the most compelling aspect of this novel, and you ride a rollercoaster with Kate as she hits some serious highs and lows.

The pacing of After the Storm was on the slower side, which is uncommon for this series. Usually the books are fast-paced action, action, action, but I found my mind drifting during portions of the book. I think that has more to do with the fact that the overall story just wasn’t as attention-grabbing as most of stories in the series are.

The plot unrolled slowly during After the Storm, and for the first quarter of the book, I wasn’t 100% where the overall storyline was going to lead. Once it got rolling though, it was fine. As stated earlier, I was most intrigued about Kate’s personal life in this book. There were a couple unexpected moments in the book that really played with the emotions of Kate and John Tomasetti (and therefore the reader!) It was intense, and at times, admittedly frustrating. There were times during the book where I wanted to shake Kate, but she started coming around at the end.

The ending was sad. I’m still not sure how I wanted everything to play out, but I think the ending worked well for the characters in the book.

The characters, as always with this series, were wonderful. Kate and John Tomasetti’s characters are amazing. They’re so real—after seven books, I truly feel like I know them!

The voice actor is the same woman who has done all of the books. She’s awesome. She does a fantastic job of bringing these books to life. If you’re in the market for a new audiobook series, I highly recommend you bump the Kate Burkholder series to the top of your list!

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