Reading Challenges | May Update


This year I have taken on three different challenges, which I laid out in a post in December. To keep myself on track, I’m going to do a monthly update on where I’m at with each of my goals.

My goals:

  1. Read 75 100 books (Goodreads challenge)
  2. Read at least 25% non-fiction books
  3. Complete the 2018 AtoZ Reading Challenge

Goal #1: Read 75 100 books (Goodreads challenge)

Last month I upped my Goodreads Challenge goal from 75 books to 100 books. I’m 15 books ahead of schedule currently, but I have several lengthy books in my queue, so that that will slow me down a bit.


Goal #2: Read at least 25% non-fiction books

This is a goal I keep slipping on! Right now I’m sitting at (13%) non-fiction books for the year. I’ve read 7 non-fiction books so far, which is a decent number, but I have a long ways to go to hit my goal for the year.


Goal #3: Complete the 2018 AtoZ Reading Challenge

As a reminder, the goal of this fun challenge is read one book from every letter of the alphabet. Check out my original post on this challenge here.

I’ve knocked another letter off my list this month! I still have several letters to go, but I think I’ve made good progress so far.
2018AtoZ 111
Current state: 17/26 letters complete (65%)

The List: 
A – And I Darken (The Conqueror’s Saga, #1) by Kiersten Whit
B – Bluff by Michael Kardos
C – Cauldron’s Bubble (Netherfeld Trilogy, #1) by Amber Elby
D –
E – Everless by Sara Holland
F – Fly Away by Kristin Hannah
G – The Glass Forest by Cynthia Swanson
H – The Hazel Wood (The Hazel Wood, #1) by Melissa Albert
I – Iniquitous (The Marked, #3) by Bianca Scardoni
J –
K –
L – The Lion in the Living Room by Abigail Tucker 
M – The Merry Spinster: Tales of Everyday Horror by Mallory Ortberg
N – Now I Rise (The Conqueror’s Saga, #2) by Kiersten White
O – Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab
P – Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter
Q –
R – Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh
S – Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman
T – This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab 
U –
V –
W – Without Merit by Colleen Hoover
X –
Y –
Z –

Let’s Talk!

How are you coming along on your 2018 reading goals?

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17 thoughts on “Reading Challenges | May Update

  1. I’ve been seriously slacking on my reading goals due to an abundance of school work and end of the year graduation prep. I’m impressed with how many books you’ve read and that you upped your goal – the AtoZ challenge looks super interesting and fun! Have you noticed any pattern with book titles and the letters they start with? Just curious 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand how stuff can get in the way of reading! I’ll slow down this summer, I’m sure. I haven’t really noticed any patterns in the letters. They’ve kind of been all over the place. It’s been a fun challenge ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool challenges.
    May I ask how you have upped your books on Goodreads? I’ve been wanting to do mine but I don’t know how to do it :O

    Feel like the end of the alphabet maybe hard to do. X and Z, possibly. Do you have anything in mind for them? You are smashing through the list though. Go you! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh that’s helpful 😀 thank you 😛

        I’m sure you’ll do fine 🙂 you have plenty of time to find something you will enjoy 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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