Discussion | If I Had Unlimited Funds

They say money can’t buy happiness, but money can buy books, and that’s almost the same thing, right? It’s fun to dream about winning the lottery or stumbling into a surprise inheritance. Here’s how I’d spend my money (in a very bookish way!)

If I had unlimited funds . . .

  • I would build a new home featuring a large library. I imagine white floor to ceiling bookshelves, a rolling ladder, and a reading nook with natural lighting and a fireplace.
  • I would travel to book signings and book meetups, radiating bookish glee in my adventures.
  • I would donate money to my local library, because everyone should have the opportunity to be surrounded by books.
  • I would double my reading, because work wouldn’t be mandatory.
  • I would quit my job and volunteer at the library and the animal shelter.
  • I would buy every edition of my favorite books.
  • . . . Who am I kidding? I would buy all the books.
  • I would travel all over the world with my husband and kids, reading my way across the countries.
  • I would buy books to donate to underfunded schools.

Let’s Talk!

If money was unlimited, how would you spend it?

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42 thoughts on “Discussion | If I Had Unlimited Funds

  1. For me: I’d buy all the hardcover versions of books I already have in paperback, along with ones I don’t have but want, along with ones I don’t really want, but would like to display on my shelf because *ooooh shiny*. LOL

    For others: I’d like to donate an entire library worth of YAs to my old high school. They had crappy books when I was there 10 years ago — YAs from like the 90s and 80s. They didn’t have any books that students wanted to read, and then made us read so many pages a month, and do reports on them. UGH.

    Cute post! 😀

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  2. Love every single one of your answers! I actually think I might toss another degree onto my bucket list: something interesting that I can take my time on, because with unlimited funds I would be able to cover tuition out of pocket. And because a career or income wouldn’t depend on it, I really could just have fun learning a new subject!

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  3. I’d love to build a house just for books and the idea of being able to travel to all the book events and meet ups sounds like such fun. I’ve been out of the book blog community for about a year because I’m in a massive reading slump but I miss it all so much!

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