My NetGalley Queue (#4)

My netgalley queue 111

Each month I plan on reviewing my NetGalley queue and sharing which NetGalley ARCs I’ll be reading in the next 30 days.

Total Books TBR: 
Books TBR in the next 30 days: 4

then she was goneTitle: Then She Was Gone
Author: Lisa Jewell
Archive Date: May 8, 2018
Description: THEN
She was fifteen, her mother’s
golden girl. She had her whole life ahead of her.
And then, in the blink of an eye, Ellie was gone.

It’s been ten years since Ellie
disappeared, but Laurel has never given up
hope of finding her daughter.
And then one day a charming and charismatic stranger called Floyd walks into a café and sweeps Laurel off her feet.
Before too long she’s staying the night at this house and being introduced to his nine year old daughter.
Poppy is precocious and pretty – and meeting her completely takes Laurel’s breath away.

Because Poppy is the spitting image of Ellie when she was that age.
And now all those unanswered questions that have haunted Laurel come flooding back.

What happened to Ellie? Where did she go?
Who still has secrets to hide?

tt2Title: LIFEL1K3 (Lifelike, #1) 
Author: Jay Kristoff
Archive Date:
May 29, 2018
On a floating junkyard beneath a radiation sky, a deadly secret lies buried in the scrap.

Eve isn’t looking for secrets—she’s too busy looking over her shoulder. The robot gladiator she’s just spent six months building has been reduced to a smoking wreck, and the only thing keeping her Grandpa from the grave was the fistful of credits she just lost to the bookies. To top it off, she’s discovered she can destroy electronics with the power of her mind, and the puritanical Brotherhood are building a coffin her size. If she’s ever had a worse day, Eve can’t remember it.

But when Eve discovers the ruins of an android boy named Ezekiel in the scrap pile she calls home, her entire world comes crashing down. With her best friend Lemon Fresh and her robotic conscience, Cricket, in tow, she and Ezekiel will trek across deserts of irradiated glass, infiltrate towering megacities and scour the graveyard of humanity’s greatest folly to save the ones Eve loves, and learn the dark secrets of her past.

Even if those secrets were better off staying buried.

the watersTitle: The Waters & The Wild 
Author: DeSales Harrison 
Archive Date:
June 4, 2018
A debut novel about a psychoanalyst haunted by a past crime and a past lover–a story that examines what it means to love, to betray, and to forgive.

Daniel Abend is a psychoanalyst and single parent living in New York City, with a successful practice and a comfortable life: an apartment on the Upper West Side, a beautiful teenage daughter, and an untroubled daily routine. When one of his young patients commits suicide, it is a tragedy, but one easily explained by her depression and drug addiction.

But shortly after, Daniel receives an ominous note that makes him question the patient’s death. A few days later, his daughter abruptly disappears. A series of letters from an unknown sender ensnares Daniel in an increasingly desperate search for his daughter and for the truth–a search that stretches back decades, to when he was a young man living in Paris, falling in love with a woman who would upend his life. With lyrical prose and masterful plotting, The Waters & The Wild is a sophisticated and surprising literary mystery about passion, betrayal, and redemption.

nyxia unleashedTitle: Nyxia Unleashed (The Nyxia Triad, #2) 
Author: Scott Reintgen
Archive Date:
July 17, 2018 (Buddy read in May)
Getting to Eden brought Emmett and his crewmates one step closer to their promised fortune. But surviving Eden may be the biggest reward of all. Discover book two in the trilogy Marie Lu called, “a high-octance thriller.”

Emmett Atwater thought Babel’s game sounded easy. Get points. Get paid. Go home. But it didn’t take long for him to learn that Babel’s competition was full of broken promises, none darker or more damaging than the last one.

Now Emmett and the rest of the Genesis survivors must rally and forge their own path through a new world. Their mission from Babel is simple: extract nyxia, the most valuable material in the universe, and play nice with the indigenous Adamite population.

But Emmett and the others quickly realize they are caught between two powerful forces—Babel and the Adamites—with clashing desires. Will the Genesis team make it out alive before it’s too late?

Let’s Talk!

How many books are in your NetGalley queue? Have you read any of the books I’ve shown above? Are they on your TBR?

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38 thoughts on “My NetGalley Queue (#4)

  1. Some great books.
    I have 7 but one will hopefully be removed, aka finished this weekend.
    I am looking forward to reading Educated and Tangerine. A memoir and a physiological thriller.
    Happy reading.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ohh ! “everything happens for a reason” interrests me with the title, but no; I haven’t read any of thoses. I have two on my list right now .. French translation of “Adulting 101” and “The art of french kissing”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This is my goal for this year!! I have sooo many of my own books that I’ve had on my shelves for years. I want to get through a lot of them this year! I’m trying to make sure I have a good mix.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I have added a few books from your list into mine as well. Let’s see if I can get my hands on it or not. I think I might do a Books up for Review post inspired from your post :P. But I am too scared of giving out timely commitments because I am never sure what I am gonna read next.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think I currently have 11 or maybe 12 titles on NetGalley, so we have around the same number 😀 Most of them are due in May or June, but 3 are still in April, so I’ve gotta catch up. I don’t know any of the books you mentioned, but they all seem interesting, so good luck with them 😀


      1. I usually manage to keep up with them so it’s not a problem, but this time I had a big reading slump and fell behind xD I hope we can both tackle our queue 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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