Things a Bookworm Does Not Want to Hear


  • “I’m sorry, but we don’t have the book you’re looking for in stock.” I rarely buy books in physical stores, so when I do, it’s always disappointing when they don’t have the book I’m looking for.
  • “What’s the point of reading the book when you could just watch the movie?” Really? People, do we really need to keep having this conversation? Books are a completely different median than movies. That, and books are kind of amazing.
  • “We need you to work overtime.” More time at work equals less time for reading. This always makes me sad. I feel like companies should respect sacred reading time.
  • “Your Amazon/BookOutlet/etc. order has been delayed.” I watch my book orders like a hawk once they’ve been placed, so a shipping delay is always a cause for pouting.
  • “I accidentally spilled my soda on your book.” Nooooooo!! Unless this is immediately followed up with “I’ll replace it,” my emotions range from annoyance to grief (poor book!) This had happened to me more than once, unfortunately.
  • “You won’t have time to read tonight because of [insert event here].” Adulting sucks sometimes.
  • “I don’t understand why people like to read.” I don’t understand why people watch television all the time. To each their own, right?
  • “You got bookmail today, but it looks like the package was severely damaged!” Have you ever had a package arrive that looked like it had been drop-kicked, sat on, and then left out in a rainstorm? I have! The books were a mangled mess. Sigh.
  • “Can I borrow that book when you’re done?” Okay, I know some people are okay with lending their books to others, but I’m very protective of my books. As in, you can look but you can’t touch. Unless you handle your books like newborn babies, I’ll probably say no.
  • “Your house burned down with all your books inside.” Queue utter devastation. I hope to never hear these words.

Let’s Talk!

As a bookworm, what things do you not want to hear?

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45 thoughts on “Things a Bookworm Does Not Want to Hear

  1. “Why keep the book when you’ve already read it?” And in the same situation “Are you going to sell it after you’ve read it?” To which I say, what’s the point in buying it if I’m gonna sell it afterwards?? This annoys me a lot.

    “You read a bunch if bullshit.”

    “I, at least, read about real things.”

    And some more.

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  2. I feel like it’s rare for a physical store to have the book I’m looking for. You’d think I wouldn’t still get disappointed by it, and yet … Great post! These are all way too true 🙂

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  3. We were talking on Twitter when I realized I had yet to actually visit your blog! Fixing that now! 🙂

    I’m not ashamed to admit that when someone asks me to borrow a book I’m reading, I claim that it’s from the library and they can check it out when I’m finished! Especially when I *barely* know the person and they want to borrow a baby, er, book. Sometimes, if I have more than one copy of a book, I’ll lend that one out. However, too often those books are never returned to me and likely never read. I have book trust issues.

    Do You Dog-ear?

    Following you via Bloglovin’!

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  4. I agree with everyone of them and then they wonder why we get angry. And I would also like to add “The book your pre-ordered hasn’t been shipped yet, even though it release 5 days ago…” This is my current situation with Ace of Shades.

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