Bookish Valentine’s Day Gifts

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t bought your loved one the perfect bookish gift, that’s okay–there’s still time! Or if you’re like me, go ahead and buy your own Valentine’s Day gift. Loving yourself is just as important.

Note: Links below are affiliate links, and Thrifty Bibliophile receives a small % commission on purchases made through the links. Price current as of posting.

Bullet Journal Stencils – Get these bullet journal stencils for $4.98! As someone who admires, covets, and drools over bullet journals, this is the set I would buy for myself. I currently have this set saved my wishlist, should I make the plunge into bullet journaling. 

Just One More Chapter 18″x18″ Pillow Cover This pillow cover is currently marked down to $6.49. This is a deal item, so be sure to double-check the price before ordering. Knock Knock Bookmark Pad – These are a cute bookish novelty gift. Why are you reading? Are you reading for pleasure, or to prove something? Right now they’re on Amazon for $11.50.
Alice in Wonderland Infinity Scarf – For the scarf lover in your life, this scarf is $26.80. I haven’t ordered this one yet, but I plan on it!!! Readers Gonna Read Lapel Pin – Proclaim your book-lover status loud and proud with this pin. Currently on Amazon for $8.00.Book Light – If you’re like me, one of the detractors of reading a physical book is the inability to read in low-light situations. Behold, the book light! I have several books getting shipped to me, so I ordered this light last night so I can continue reading with the lights down low. I had one of these as a kid and loved it, so I hope this one is equally awesome. This one is $16.99.
Fox Bookmark – This is another purchase I made last night . . . but just look at the sweet little fox! You’ll most likely see this bookmark in upcoming pictures I post, so stay tuned. If you want the same bookmark, you can buy it for $2.66.

Fox T-shirt – Fox and books just go together. Get this t-shirt for as low as $11.37.
Dobby Socks – I have a pair very similar to these! I love my Dobby socks. You can get these for $6.66 on Amazon.

(30) Bookish Quote Bookmarks – Okay, maybe these are a bit spendy at $18.95, but I think they’re really cute!

Let’s Talk!

What’s the most recent bookish gift you’ve purchased?

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