Book Review – Cauldron’s Bubble by Amber Elby

 Cauldron’s Bubble (Netherfeld Trilogy, #3)
Author: Amber Elby
Publish Date: August 6, 2017
# of Pages: 171
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


(From Goodreads) “A magical bubble transports Alda through time and place to a realm of witches and curses, pirates and princes, and the lost worlds of Shakespeare. She, along with a cabin boy called Dreng, must navigate the conflicts and characters of Macbeth, Hamlet, and The Tempest. But will they escape with their lives? Or will they become lost and forgotten?”

Imagine that Shakespeare’s characters could interact off-stage and that their adventures could span beyond the bounds of the Bard’s fiction: Hamlet deviously escapes from the pirates who capture him on the way to England; Macbeth’s witches perform their magic on unsuspecting victims; and a summoner awakes from the shadowy backstory of The Tempest, bent on revenge against those who stole her island. These stories and more come to life in Cauldron’s Bubble as readers follow two new protagonists, an orphan named Alda and a cabin boy called Dreng, as they each search for something lost. The novel alternates between their limited perspectives (third person) as Alda discovers a magical bubble that transports her to Macbeth’s witches on the moor. Dreng, meanwhile, helps Prince Hamlet escape from pirates en route to England. The two protagonists come together on Prospero’s enchanted island, where Alda is on a quest to free Ariel, and Dreng is smitten with the mysterious Miranda. Ultimately, Alda must find power she gained in a forgotten realm called Netherfeld to defeat a powerful summoner, and Dreng must awake to the realities around him before he is consumed by magic.


Rating (1-10, 10 is exceptional)
Quality of Writing – 7
Pace – 7
Plot Development – 7
Ending – 9
Characters – 7
Enjoyability – 8
Ease of Reading – 8

Overall Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


In Cauldron’s Bubble, you follow Alda and Dreng in an adventurous romp through the stories of Shakespeare.

What a fun book! I remember reading works by Shakespeare in high school (namely Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet), but haven’t read anything by him since. This book allows you to navigate the perils of Shakespearian characters without getting lost in the Elizabethan language. Such a cool concept and well executed!

The quality of writing in this book was good throughout. This isn’t a long book, and it’s apparent that each word and situation was chosen with care. This lends to the book’s readability–it’s a quick read that doesn’t lose you in frivolous language.

The pace of the Cauldron’s Bubble is quick. From witches, magic, and pirates, there’s always something happening in the book! This book keeps you interested and makes you want to finish it in a single sitting.

I really enjoyed the overall plot of the book. Again, the concept is awesome, and the execution is spot-on. I enjoyed the adventures Alda goes on with the aid of her cauldron’s bubble. The situations are intriguing and dramatic. That said, I think some of the adventures could have been expanded on–Alda’s first encounter with the witch’s trap and the scene with Miranda come to mind immediately. It’s not that anything was missing, but I personally wanted more details and some expansion on Alda’s feelings and emotions as the events unfolded.

The ending of the book was somewhat sudden, but I think it works! Cauldron’s Bubble is book one in the Netherfeld Trilogy, and I think the ending sets the trilogy up nicely for the next book.

The characters in Cauldron’s Bubble were interesting and unique. Alda and Dreng are the main characters the book follows, and I enjoyed learning about them as the book progressed. Macbeth’s witches happened to be my favorite characters though! I liked how they talked in their short sentences and riddles.

This was a very enjoyable read. If you’re looking for a quick-read, check it out!

Thank you to the author for providing this book in exchange for an honest review. Follow her on twitter here.


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