My Library Holds

I absolutely adore checking out books through my library. It saves money, and my library has a great selection!

I currently have 17 books on hold at my library through Overdrive. So many books, so little time. Here they are in no particular order:

Year One 
by Nora Roberts

Placement: #117 on 45 copies

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao
Placement: #10 on 2 copies

The Last Magician 
by Lisa Maxwell

Placement: #2 on 4 copies

A Short History of the Girl Next Door 
by Jared Reck

Placement: #4 on 1 copy

The Handmaid’s Tale 
by Margaret Atwood

Placement: #750 on 200 copies

Girls Made of Snow and Glass 
by Melissa Bashardoust

Placement: #3 on 3 copies

Little Fires 
Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Placement: #142 on 100 copies

The Almost Sisters 
by Joshilyn Jackson

Placement: #2 on 4 copies

And I Darken 
by Kiersten White

Placement: #5 on 4 copies

Without Merit 
by Colleen Hoover

Placement: #9 on 15 copies
(Note: This one I’m going to end up buying since I’m doing a co-review with another blogger in January!)

The Savage Song 
by Victoria Schwab

Placement: #6 on 4 copies

The Lion in the Living Room 
by Abigail Tucker

Placement: #2 on 2 copies

by R. J. Palacio

Placement: #65 on 70 copies

Strange the Dreamer 
by Laini Taylor

Placement: #25 on 8 copies

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck 
by Mark Manson

Placement: #248 on 130 copies

The Disappearances 
by Emily Bain Murphy

Placement: #2 on 1 copy

by Marie Lu

Placement: #20 on 10 copies

Let’s Talk!

Which of these books have you read? How often do you check out books from your library?

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19 thoughts on “My Library Holds

  1. I use my library all the time. I want to say out of the 108 books I read last year 100 of them were library books. I probably drive them crazy. =)

    I loved Wonder! I wasn’t a big fan of This Savage Song but I know loads of people love it. I haven’t read any of the others yet.

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  2. Whew, I thought I was the only one who placed an ungodly number of holds at my library. 😅 This is such a great list, though! Ooh, I reeeeally want to read Little Fires Everywhere this year. Also, I’m actually so happy Strange the Dreamer is on your list because I read it a couple months back and it instantly became one of my all-time favorite books. I hope you love it as much as I did!

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    1. I’ve heard such good things about Strange the Dreamer, so I’m really looking forward to that one! I love the library. The only downfall is when I have a bunch of holds come through at once. #toomanybooks 😅


  3. Wow! That’s crazy! I actually just started using overdrive so that I won’t have to buy books/ebooks anymore. It’s been so awesome! The only thing that sucks is that sometimes I cant finish reading the book before the expiry date and I have to wait until the book is available again.

    I’m actually reading the Nora Roberts Year One right now! Actually listening to it. I have it as an audiobook since I have such a long commutes and it helps keep my drives interesting. I’m really liking it so far! Hope you enjoy it once you finally get to borrow it!

    You have a great list of book and it actually got me interested in reading them and putting them in my TBR list!

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    1. I adore Overdrive. I’ve gotten pretty good at spacing out my requests, so I can read them all before they’re due back. It’s an art I’m continuing to perfect though.

      I’m glad you’re liking Year One! I haven’t heard too much about it, but I typically enjoy her books.

      Happy reading! 🎉😊


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