Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

I love hearing about other people’s holiday traditions! Here’s what my husband and I do for Christmas:

  • Our Christmas tree goes up shortly after Thanksgiving. We have an artificial tree, and we try to get it up the weekend of Thanksgiving. As a side note, our cats like our Christmas tree as much as we do, so we’re forever chasing the cats away from the tree!
  • We hang our stockings above the fireplace until Christmas Eve. Once the kids are in bed, we fill the stocks full of goodies and leave them by the Christmas tree for the kids to find on Christmas morning.
  • We celebrate Christmas on three separate occasions: one Christmas at my grandma’s house, one Christmas at my parent’s house, and Christmas morning at our house. My husband’s parents live several states away, so we don’t celebrate with them.
  • I wrap the majority of the gifts!
  • We’ll continue to do Santa gifts every year, even after both kids stop believing in Santa. My daughter stopped believing in Santa last year, but she still loves seeing the Santa gifts on Christmas morning. The kids get toys from Santa, and books, coloring books, and clothes from my husband and I.
  • We tend to go overboard on Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday, and I adore spoiling loved ones once a year.
  • We spend much of Christmas Day playing board games. My daughter loves board games, so we always buy her several new games each year. She’s getting three new board games this year, as well as a couple Wii Switch games.
  • The kids get to open two gifts each on Christmas Eve: their gift to each other, and one gift of their choosing from my husband and I. This year my 7-year-old chose a buckle-toy stuffed animal for her brother, and my son “chose” a Wii Switch game for his sister (my son is 20 months old, so really, I chose the gift for him).
  • My husband and I don’t exchange gifts. We’re both of the opinion that we have everything we could ever want or need, so we’d rather just spend time with each other.
  • We eat a lot during Christmas! Everyone makes too much food, and we gorge ourselves into sweet oblivion.

Let’s Talk!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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