I Love My Library

Ode to the library,
the home of great books,
With history, romance, mystery,
tucked cozy in nooks.
With a simple card,
you can explore the world.
Be an astronaut, a teacher,
a ballerina who twirled.
Let the text come to life,
in your mind, in your heart,
By joining the library,
from books, you’ll never part. 

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the library?

Even as someone who loves e-books, there’s nothing more wonderful than exploring the stacks of my local library, searching through old books and new, feeling the crisp pages beneath my fingertips . . . I love to browse the shelves, reading book descriptions and piling onto my ever-expanding TBR list. I love to people-watch, experiencing the simple joy of watching someone carefully choose the books they’re going to read.

My husband and I take our kids to the library a couple times each month. While right now they’re more interested in the toys and games the library has available, I hope someday they love the library as much as I do, in the way that I do–for the books.

Let’s Talk!

How often do you visit your local library? Do you love your library as much as I love mine?

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