Book Tag – Trick or Treat Round the Block

I was tagged by the Lady of Bookland. Check out her blog for some great bookish posts!

#1 Creepy house on the corner of the street: book with a creepy cover.

The Awakening (The Vampire Diaries, #1) by L. J. Smith


#2 Lights out (party poopers): a book you want to read when you want to escape.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas is definitely my escape series!

#3 The house that gives out the cheap candy: guilty pleasure book.

Paper Princess by Erin Watt is one of my favorite guilty pleasure books. I enjoy the series, but I don’t think they’re knock-it-out-of-the-park good. For whatever reason though, I can’t stop reading them!

paper princess

#4 The house with the best decorations on the block: best haunting/Halloween themed cover.

Hollowland by Amanda Hocking has a great Halloween feel to it! And it’s a book about zombies, so it totally works.

#5 The house that gives out the best candy: #1 Halloween recommendation.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer is one my Halloween recommendation. I’m not sure if the Lunar Chronicles screams “HALLOWEEN!” but it’s a fantastic series, definitely worth checking out.


Speed round:

#1 Corn maze or haunted house? Corn maze! I’ve been to both, but I don’t enjoy being scared much these days.

#2 Classic or unique costume? Unique! I like unique costumes I haven’t seen before!

#3 Sexy or scary costume? Can I pick a third answer? I like cute costumes. Maybe it’s because I have kids, but I’m a sucker for cute kid costumes.

#4 Comedy or horror Halloween film? Comedy. I typically steer clear of horror flicks.

#5 Chocolate or sour candy? Chocolate, without a doubt!

Tag, you’re it!

Kyera @ Kyera’s Library
Spineless Bookwyrm
Dani @ Touch My Spine Book Reviews
Beach Bookworm


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