Where do I get my books?

Where do I get the books that I read?

I can honestly say that these days my books are evenly divided by three sources: purchased, the library, and ARCs.

I purchase approximately one third of the books that I read. I pre-order the books that I’m dying to read—the ones I’m not willing to wait for—and I also buy books here and there based off of reviews and other books I’ve read. I’m a Kindle reader, so my books fit so neatly on my virtual shelf. Unfortunately my unread purchased books number in the hundreds, so I really need to put a freeze on new purchases; however, my willpower when it comes to new books is practically nonexistent . . .

My library is connected with Overdrive, so I checkout a lot of my books and all of my audiobooks from the library. My library doesn’t have all of the latest and greatest books, but their selection is decent enough, and they’re continually adding new books. I really appreciate their selection of audiobooks. Audiobooks are expensive, so I like having the option to check them out for free.

I feel like I’ve gotten on the ARC bus late in the game, but I’m glad this is something I’ve pursued. Right around one third of the books I’ve been reading are ARC books I’ve obtained from NetGalley. I’m definitely reading books and authors I may not have heard about without NetGalley, so I think it’s a good thing.

Where do you get the books that you read? Do you buy all of your books so that you can display them with pride, or are you a library devotee?


6 thoughts on “Where do I get my books?

  1. I get most of my books through netgally, but only beacause I’m broke and don’t really have disposable income often. I also go to the library. When I purchase a book it has to be on sale, usually 99 to 1.99 on kindle, so I’ve become a kindle sale finder queen ;). I love buying books from my library as they are usually under one dollar and I love paper books, but sadly, I’ve had such bad luck I’ve lost all of my hard copy books more than once so I’ve been trying to stick to ebooks as they are always in tbe cloud and can’t dissapear due to unforseen circumstances. I’m rambling aren’t I, sorry!! Great post!

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  2. Great post, Ashley! I get most of my books from Goodwill or the library (my library is connected to Overdrive, too). Shopping for books at Goodwill is a hit and a miss if you’re looking for something specific, but I always find something that looks interesting. Since books at Goodwill are so inexpensive, my collection has gotten out of hand. I’ve forced myself to cut back on library books, and instead try to make a dent in the books I own.

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