Book Review – I Thought There Would be Cake by Katharine Welby-Roberts

I thought there would be cake
Title: I Thought There Would be Cake
Author: Katharine Welby-Roberts
Publish Date: August 17, 2017
# of Pages: 128
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️



Growing up, Katharine Welby-Roberts imagined that being an adult was one big party. But depression, anxiety and crippling self-doubt led her to alienate herself from others. To replay events and encounters as nightmares. Occasionally, to be unable to leave the house.

Aware of the cacophony of voices in her head, Katharine invites us to join her as she journeys to the depths of her soul. Here, with instinctive honesty and humour, she confronts the parts of her story that hinder her most.

As she charts a course that offers ways of coping with everyday issues, we are encouraged to embrace our own self-worth. To recognize the value of our existence. To let ourselves be loved. Exactly as we are.

‘Brilliantly honest, often funny and wonderfully readable’
Martin Saunders, Youthscape

‘Wholly authentic in the face of suffering and struggle’
Will van der Hart, The Mind and Soul Foundation


I Thought There Would Be Cake is a journey of self-reflection written by Katharine Welby-Roberts.

Have you ever met someone who can’t process their thoughts without talking (or writing) their way through them? This is this book! Katharine Welby-Roberts battles with mental health issues, and this book is a way of processing her thoughts.

Throughout the book, Welby-Roberts describes different destructive ways of thinking and how the destructive thinking holds her back. As she provides examples, she also gives tips on how to turn the corner on destructive thinking. This isn’t a self-help book, but it certainly provides enough useful tips to give it a self-help feel.

Welby-Roberts is courageous in sharing her stories and laying bare some of the mental health issues that plague her. This takes guts, and she does it with humility.

The author has a strong Christian faith that plays a big role in this book. While at times it felt somewhat preachy, this is obviously a big influence in her life.

The book is what I would term a “quick read.” It takes little time to get through; however, as I finished the book, I was left feeling shortchanged. It seemed as though Welby-Roberts had barely scratched the surface before ending the book. Because of this, I’m feeling somewhat lukewarm about the entire thing.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing the Kindle version of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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“If you depend on outside affirmation to survive, it is never going to be quite enough. You always need more, a further confirmation of your abilities, in order to gain the hope of being ‘enough.'”
“When we allow social media to run away with us and dictate our self-worth, it may tell us we are kind but only if others say so, we are smart only if others respond with approval, and we are important only if we have a blue tick.”

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