Why do I love to read?

I absolutely adore reading and always have. Why do I love to read? 

  1. Reading enables you to meet new people. I love meeting new characters, connecting with them, and getting to know them.
  2. Reading allows you to travel the world. Whether I’m reading a book set in China or Chicago, reading let’s me travel the world from the comfort of my sofa.
  3. Reading provides an escape from reality. Reading lets me forget all of my stressors as I immerse myself in a book.
  4. Reading is relaxing. A drink by my side, cat in my lap, snuggly blanket in place, and a book in my hand is my definition of relaxing.
  5. Reading teaches me new things. Right around 25% of the books I read are non-fiction. I love to learn new things!
  6. Reading is for everyone. I love that reading is for everyone–young and old, rich and poor. Reading does not discriminate.
  7. Reading is a hobby that can be taken everywhere. On a train, on a plane, on a bus, in a park . . . I can take a book with me wherever I go! You can’t say that about every pastime.
  8. Reading is something I can share with my children. While I can’t force my children to be bookworms, I can certainly share my love of reading with them!

Why do you love to read?


5 thoughts on “Why do I love to read?

    1. Reading to kids is so fun! My youngest is 18 months old, so he’s in the phase where he wants to re-read books over and over and over again, whereas my 7-year-old mostly reads by herself and asks some great questions about what she reads!

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