Real Neat Blog Award

Clara over at The Book Goddess nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award. Thanks, Clara!

The Rules:
Display the award logo on your blog
Thank the folks who nominated you and provide links to their blogs
Answer the 7 questions asked by your nominator(s)
Nominate any number of other bloggers to share the award 
Notify the nominated folk
Ask the nominees 7 questions of your own

real neat blogger award

Clara’s Questions:

Why did you start your blog?
Simply put, I started my blog to share and discuss my love my reading and all things book-related.

What posts are your favorite to write? To read?
I love lists, so my favorite type of posts to write and read are lists.

Music while you work: yes or no?
It depends on what I’m doing. If I’m doing something mindless, bring on the music, but if I’m reading, writing, or trying to concentrate on something, I prefer silence.

Do you have a favorite film score/composer?
John Williams is an amazing composter! His scores are so memorable, I can scarcely choose a favorite.

Your favorite genre of book?
While I read just about everything, fantasy is probably my favorite genre.

Favorite movie?
My favorite movie of all time is Beauty and the Beast (Disney – animated). Lame, I know, but I loved it as a child, and I love sharing it with my children.

The one makeup product you can’t live without?
I am not at all savvy with makeup, but I rarely leave the house without mascara.

My nominees: 


Casually Me


My questions: 

How much time do you read each day, on average?

If you could choose one character from a book as your best friend, who would you choose?

How often do you buy new books?

Where do you do most of your reading?

What does a typical Monday look like for you? How do you spend your day?

Do you have any pets?

What’s one of your fondest memories?



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