What Does $1,000 Look Like?

What does $1,000 look like?


Recently, $1,000 looks like my cat, Emma. That’s how much her vet bills have cost the past two months. She’s had three surgeries, follow up exams, and pain pills. All because of an abscessed upper canine. The first surgery was to remove the upper canines and some of the loose teeth near the canines. The second surgery was an exploratory surgery since she was still having troubles and acting like her mouth was sore. The third surgery, after the vet consulted with other vets, was to remove the bottom canines (the thought being the bottom canines were irritating the top gums).

She’s lucky she’s so darn cute.


5 thoughts on “What Does $1,000 Look Like?

  1. My experience was $5,000 and three dead cats. Needless to say my confidence in one particular veterinarian has been eroded. Last exam for Angie the cat was $118 for that and some Fortiflora. She’s been fine ever since now that we’ve cut milk out of her diet.

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